A Canuk in Caseros

Waking every day here in Argentina, specifically Caseros, has given me a new perspective on what the world has to offer.

The unregulated possibilities that can transpire, all the while as if there were a parakeet on your shoulder. And that’s just on the way to and from the Chino for the yerba for your morning maté. In the streets there’s a new feeling of working to live, having fun with a hustle, opening sandal/candle store with the help of a popular word in today’s zeitgeist and a quick pun.

A feeling of belonging comes over you as the neighbourhood comes alive. Palm trees, lemons and orange trees on the way to the man on the corner vending cartons of eggs across the church and school. An educated coffee at a beautiful hole in the wall, waiting for the rest of the day to take you.

The chill of the winter wind pushing through the exhaust of the passing motorbikes bring a unique rhythm to the scene. The sun glimmers off the passing cars behind the bus as the wait for the street lights to change is celebrated by street performers doing their routine.

The city centre starts its routine of smells, from the parilla smoke from the restaurants starting their daily fire, to the fumes of the street vendors selling candied nuts. The fetherishly light on your pockets shopping galleries give your back a reason to strengthen before the bus brings you back into the neighborhoods.

Mate or maté is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused herbal drink.

“Chino” is a typical store, “Argen-Chino”.

Views back to your house create stories, smells from the houses open windows create inspired appetites, the walk from the bus stop welcomes a fulfilled spirit before a communal chat around a thermos and a maté. I’m not from here but I feel an immense sense of belonging. The feeling of doing what sooths the soul looms. I feel here I can focus on what is in front of me, here life is literally what you make of it.

A Canuk in Caseros, a man in search of an honest aire, friendly faces and a reason to get to know a neighborhood. Home is where the rhythm to the soul is at ease, and the cumbia in the streets rocks mine like a baby in a back seat ride around the block.

Music show at Municipal Great Parking
Music show at Municipal Great Parking
Community Fair at Municipal great parking
Community Fair at Municipal great parking
Annual carnival parade.
Annual carnival parade.

The “Playón municipal” is where cultural activities such as community fairs, music festivals, and carnivals are hosted. It serves as a vibrant hub for diverse celebrations, bringing people together to embrace art, music, and traditions.

Jordan Boucher, es un escritor y viajero canadiense, viviendo actualmente en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2 thoughts on “A Canuk in Caseros

  1. Wow i honestly feel like I can see everything there! I’m so excited to come and see everything for myself great writing! Can’t wait for the next❤️

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