Cultura Posteos Sociedad Viajeros

A canuk in Caseros, II

    Watch your step, the side walks need attention but that’s not why you’re here. Watch your head, the tree branches might get you, but that’s not why you’re here. Brushing your hand against the walls as you pass house after house, all different, exposing the various influences through the centuries. From brick, to concrete, rooftop […]

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    Argentinidad Cultura Posteos Sociedad Turismo Viajeros

    A Canuk in Caseros

      Waking every day here in Argentina, specifically Caseros, has given me a new perspective on what the world has to offer. The unregulated possibilities that can transpire, all the while as if there were a parakeet on your shoulder. And that’s just on the way to and from the Chino for the yerba for your […]

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